Hair Book

  • Did anyone ever tell you that Black girls couldn’t have long hair?
  • Did you mamma, one of your aunties or just your neighborhood hairdresser convinced you to get a relaxer at a very young age, claiming that your hair would be more beautiful or easier to manage?
  • Have you ever suffered chronic hair loss, hair thinning or breakage because you just don’t have a system to efficiently care for your hair?
  • Are you unsure of what exact routine, what products/ingredients or even what foods and other activites can help you achieve your dreamed hair?

If the answer of all of these questions is YES,
HAIRBOOK” will be your best ally
in your quest to have the best hair you can have.


In this ebook, you will find all the basic information and systematic routine tips for you to care for your hair on a daily basis, starting from an understanding of what hair is and what it’s made of.
You will gain direct access to my haircare habits to adopt to protect your hair, to nourish it and to stimulate growth, with a holistic all natural and complete approach, including what types of food, supplements and vitamins and even the types of activities you can incorporate into your lifestyle for healthier, stronger and more beautiful hair : the best version of your own hair.

This book will become indispensable to your daily haircare regimen.
It will be your go-to manual, your friend all along your new hair growth adventure.

Hairbook” is available as an eBook.

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Renee Konan “Miss Pravala”‘s second ebook

on holistic haircare, inspired by Ayurveda.