Experience Deep Healing &
Fall in Love with your Goddess Self

The Beauty of meeting yourself
in a spiritual ritual

Do you crave emotional and spiritual healing and surrender to your sacred feminine nature?

My Venusian Healing Sessions are intense ancestral rituals to help you release emotional and karmic trauma and reconnect to your divine essence.

If you need a safe space to express your fears, confusion, guilt or remorses when it comes to sacred romance and the experience of wealth, 

Get to know your feminine manifestation and tantric goddess healer

Meet Miss Pravala

Your luxury manifestation coach and tantric goddess healer

Miss Pravala is a descendant of a long lineage of female healers, initiates and gurus.

Raised in the heart of Central Africa, in a veritable ethnic and cultural melting pot, Miss Pravala had a solid foundation in goddess spirituality.

She is a Crowned Oshun in Santeria, an energy healer trained in Shamballa
energy healing and magnetism, and Bach Flowers remedies and Ayurveda certified.

Miss Pravala helps women discover their nature as spiritual beings. She teaches women how to incorporate the rituals of magic and spirituality into their daily lives.

Miss Pravala will help you understand that you have the power to change your circumstances by transforming into the best self-loving version of yourself.

To understand that luxury is your birthright and that life should be lived joyfully
and without compromise.

Miss Pravala will provide you with all the tools and guidance you’ll need to transform your life and manifest abundance; whether it’s a more fulfilling sex life, material abundance or both, Luxury Spirituality will pave your way to the goddess lifestyle.

Miss Pravala's Holistic approach to transformation

Miss Pravala teaches her daily sensual approach to meditation and manifestation,
which she calls Venusian Channeling and Healing.
She curates every single potion and jewelry she makes to ignite your sacred intimacy,
which is at the core of Tantric teachings.
You will experience immense
Breakthroughs and energy shifts when practicing your daily rituals.

Youtube Channel

where you can watch
Miss Pravala's lectures and spiritual lifestyle

Miss Pravala's Books

Where you can understand her approach to
spiritual alignment
as a sacred feminine

Miss Pravala's Music

Called “Mantras” to add to your daily rituals or simply to enjoy as sacred entertainment

One-on-One sessions

Miss Pravala comes to your home and performs an intensive healing tantric session

Potions and Jewelry

Potions and Jewelry handmade by Miss Pravala to elevate your spirit and ignite your goddess essence

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Miss Pravala's Music

Try Miss Pravala's exclusive Mantras to transform your life

Mantras chanted by Miss Pravala are sacred words in Sanskrit, ancient language used in the Hindu temples.
For Miss Pravala, mantras are a MUST for any woman who wants to uplifts herself to meet her Goddess/Divine essence.
Listening and chanting mantras is an important daily ritual towards healing and becoming whole again.

Miss Pravala's Books

The Busy Girl's Guide To Creating A High Income Digital Spiritual Business

Are you a self-affirmed spiritual? Have you ever considered making an actual living from your innate talents? In this easy-to-read book, I share my personal experience and path to success in building a high-income spiritual online business. You, too, can make a living from your innate talents. Find out how.

ADDICTED TO PLEASURE: The Goddess Formula to Manifest Your Most Capricious Desires

In Addicted to Pleasure, Miss Pravala dives and expands on aspects of spirituality and the Law of Attraction never explored before. In this simple yet profound book, she shares with you her secrets and proven powerful system to manifest the 'Goddess Lifestyle.'

Feminine Luxury Potions

Especially handmade and energy activated for your daily sacred womb ritual

Traditional healing ceremonies and rituals promote wellness. 

Rituals are meaningful acts performed with intent. Rituals embody what matters to you and allow you to put your values into practice.

Miss Pravala’s transformation potions are part of the Luxury Spirituality toolkit, designed to help you along your journey to manifesting your inner goddess and what you desire most in life.
These are not quick-fix tools and require daily mantra meditation, goddess rituals and mental discipline.

Luxury Spirit handmade Potions are 100% natural with no preservatives. These potions are intended to be used for metaphysical and alchemical energetic purposes.

  • These handmade potions are available as part of your VIP package sessions
  • These potions are customized for you, with added elements to suit your specific situation determined during the One-on-one session with Miss Pravala

Book Miss Pravala’s VIP sessions and experience the healing and transformative powers of rituals with her unique and very powerful Luxury Spirituality Potions.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Read what real people say

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The e course and book gave me the confirmation I needed. I have embraced my divine self and I am now shamelessly facing myself face to face. This is such a phenomenal experience remembering myself. I am still shaky and utilize all the help I can recognize.
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My beautiful moaning goddess your offerings are a blessing for me!! I feel sooooo...thank you!
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You have inspired me so much all the way from your old YouTube video about setting up virtual with Oshun
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I said to myself..."How does Miss Pravala know me, like that?" MP, I am Ready to manifest and no longer play small!
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I can't wait for your new album to come out! I'm obsessed with the bedroom mantras they're so amazing and I've never heard anything like it!
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Thank you for the beautiful session we had yesterday. You TRULY care and are so genuine. Much love Add Colombia - to the list of countries
@yum gn
@yum gn
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I received my Ishtar Flower of Passion & it is INTOXICATING! You are a true guru, in every sense of the word! Over the course of 3 years you have provided me with the most auspicious foundation to trail-blaze my OWN path...the Goddess way of course. WE LOVE YOU!!

Your Private
Sacred Feminine Healing Session
Monaco, Cap Ferrat, Cannes

Tea Ceremony

As I arrive to your home, we first share space over my special blend of sacred herbs infused in a tea ceremonial to connect cosmically and start the energy channeling. We welcome your spirit guides and the Ascended Masters to make your space sacred and holy. 

Purification Bath

 This ritual can be quite vulnerable for most of my clients as I wash out impurities from their energy body. I perform this bath in your bathroom.

Venusian Healing

 Back to you laying down in a cozy place, I perform an energy ritual, tapping into Venusian energy and chanting sacred words to bring you back to your pure essence of beauty and spiritual sensuality.

Goddess Bath

 This ritual is inspired by the ancient Royal Bridal Bath, where a woman is blessed by the magic of the bath to claim her entitlement to live in spiritual bliss and material indulgence.

Tantric Ritual

My session comes with a set of my Trinité Potions, which connect you to your Sacred Chakra, located in your womb space, where you create magic.  This final ritual is about sacred intimacy. I teach you my special “Moaning” breathing technique so you can start harvesting your own powers of manifestation and connect to your bliss.

Venusian Box

Miss Pravala’s Venusian Box is included in her PRIVATE at-home client sessions

Tantric rituals targeting sexual creative energy is an old practice done in priestess temples around the world.

Using the powerful manifestation energy and rhythms of the Moon is the fastest way to create a life of harmony, abundance and sacred sexuality.

The Venusian Box by Miss Pravala contains all of the magic tools of the modern day priestess to create a true transformation ritual every month, working with the moon’s energy.

The Venusian Box by Miss Pravala gives you an easy-to-follow YET the most effective way to plan and successfully create your monthly ritual and to witness your own shifts quite fast.

GOLD lalita potion by miss pravala

You are a client and you need to contact me: [email protected] – Business and Partnerships:  [email protected]

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Miss Pravala