I’m traveling for several weeks but I have opening for one-on-one NYC consultations from 18 July to 6 August (Sundays not included).

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New York

Come for your one-on-one holistic hair growth therapy with me this summer in NYC


Your hair is as dull as your life? Or worst, you have experienced hair loss and somehow, it is a reflection of your life?

You’re looking into creating the best version of yourself, the character, the persona that will match your life aspirations and your life purpose?

These sessions will help you not only find out what your next success, career, wealth move should be, while getting your routine perfect for longer and healthier hair.

If wigs and weaves are part of your regimen, you definitely need my help in treating and continuing to grow your hair underneath, while investing in improving your lifestyle, habits and “uniform” for success.

If you’ve watched some of my Law of Attraction videos, you know what I’m talking about.

Success is something to be cultivated until your entire being is energetically a success, freedom and money magnet. Hair is the crown you wear as a Goddess, as a Queen. Without the finishing touches, you will never be perceived as the powerful being that you are on the inside.