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Custom ‘one-of-a-kind’ potions

Some of Miss Pravala's creations

Each elixir is a masterpiece, crafted from start to finish by Miss Pravala herself.

From personalized formulations to decorating bottles with Feng Shui crystals, every detail is imbued with intention.

These unique bottles are both powerful energy-shifting potions and stunning decorative objects, ensuring pride of place in any woman’s collection.

" I was told we have this potion tradition from a long time ago in my country so I was curious to try. Life is so competitive that I became like a man. I need my potions everyday. They balance my energy and I can tell that I get easily upset or triggered when I don't put my potion on me everyday. "

The Collection

Miss Pravala's collection is composed of

3 Signature potions:

Ruby, Emerald & Gold.

Each Signature potion has its own formulation.

Each Signature potion carries a specific energetic property.

Signature Potions cannot be customized. 

Miss Pravala potion

Ruby Potion

Infused with Ruby (Precious Stone). 18K Gold Dust. Pheromones. Resins (Oud & Okoumé)
Miss Pravala potion

Emerald Potion

Infused with Emerald (Precious Stone). 18K Gold Dust. Pheromones. Resins (Oud & Okoumé)
Miss Pravala potion

Gold Potion

Infused with Gold Libyan Tektite (Meteorite). 18K Gold Dust. Pheromones. Resins (Oud & Okoumé)



In her vibrant 40s, exuding feminine grace and embodying the essence of soft living, this visionary entrepreneur and devoted mother has gracefully immersed herself in the enchanting world of potion making.

Through a captivating YouTube series, she gently beckons modern women to rediscover the art of self-care and empowerment through the delicate alchemy of potions.

These elixirs, crafted with tender intention and imbued with the whispers of nature's wisdom, offer more than mere sustenance – they promise a pathway to bliss and fulfillment that transcends the material realm.

With her gentle guidance and nurturing spirit, she extends an invitation to all seekers of joy to embark on a transformative journey, where happiness blooms from within, and the soul finds solace in the subtle magic of each potion's embrace.

Miss Pravala YouTube

Rediscovering My Path/ New Beginning: A Glimpse into my modern spiritual woman lifestyle

After a hiatus, I'm thrilled to announce my return to YouTube with the launch of my new lifestyle series, highlighting my take on modern femininity as a spiritual woman.
Miss Pravala YouTube

In my feminine juice (always) but this time, on camera

Since delving into content creation, my life has undergone a profound transformation, one that's imbued with newfound purpose and vitality. Through sharing my journey, I aspire to ignite a spark within each of you, encouraging exploration of femininity in its gentlest, most authentic form.
miss pravala

Making your potions, Honey my Yoni, Embracing changes and (self)Seduction

Watch as I navigate the process of crafting custom orders, sharing insights into my creative journey and the profound influence of potions on both my personal and professional endeavors.
"I always thought I was feminine because I love beautiful things. But مَا شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ MP's potions are on another level of energy healing and feeling unstoppable and irresistible "
" I found MP on YouTube. I had never heard of potions before. But now I'm addicted. Somehow, everything in my life has fallen into place. Can't explain it. Plus, I just feel like a new person when I wear my potion. "




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