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Oud (agarwood) is the best kept secret of Middle Eastern and North African women. Oud has become one of the most expensive aromas used in the luxury fragrance industry, for its sensuous and exquisite smell, that makes you travel to the deserts of Arabia.

Oud, liquid gold, quite literally, as it is so rare that its price makes it a fragrance reserved only to the privileged.

Many famous European brands are now incorporating this golden elixir in the formulation of their staple perfumes, sold in mainstream markets.

But oud (oudh) (agarwood) is also the most powerful magic enhancer used in spiritual rituals, in prayer and meditation.

You cannot go to a house in Dubai or Egypt or even Senegal where you are not welcomed by the mystical scent of oud chips or oudh infused incense burning.

Oud (oudh) (agarwood) is also used in beauty rituals both as perfume for the body and hair.

One thing to realize, though, is that whether you are spiritual or not, there is a direct correlation between oud and wealth, oud and luxury, oud and beauty.

Living the goddess lifestyle means turning every mundane action into a spiritual ritual. The beautiful goddess of wealth understands how to master the law of attraction and attracts the life she desires on a daily basis.

I use ancient traditional techniques of aromatherapy when I formulated my oud (oudh)-based oil perfumes so the raw energy of the ingredients I use in the fabrication of my products are kept intact because my oud oil fragrances are meant to be used for beauty but also to attract, manifest a life of luxury.

The floral and herbal essences I add to the formulations are all found upon world sacred texts as ingredients used to ignite magic in your life. These are timeless ingredients that were once reserved for royalty. All the resins and incenses like frankincense or benzoin, as well as amber.

In my luxury line of oil perfumes, I also add 24 carat gold dust.

Gold is the most powerful magic conductor. Gold has been used for centuries to bring riches to those who wear it and use it.

Oud plus Gold, a marriage made in heaven for the luxurious woman who wants to incorporate her spirituality into her beauty rituals.

Special thanks to hotel INTERCONTINENTAL MARSEILLE where I stayed for a few weeks this summer and where I shot today’s images.

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