I have finally released my daily yoni ritual !

Daily womb rituals are mandatory

as a spiritual woman.

The problem is: no-one teaches you

how to self-heal and connect to your highest, most magnetic self.

The key to living the most exciting and blissful life.


Yoni & Womb as spiritual concepts

The yoni and the womb are at the core of the sacred feminine principle and the basis of tantric goddess worship.

They represent the sacred feminine and are linked to sexual organs of the woman.

These are ancestral spiritual concepts gathered through occultism and mysticism linked to the cosmic mother.

Women, human beings bearing the sexual reproductive organs and the anatomy enabling her to receive the man phallus through sexual intercourse,

and the potential, if health and will permit,

to conceive and hold a fetus in her womb cave.

Yoni Worship: a practice as old as life itself

The woman’s energy body holds the spiritual equivalent to her biological properties.

Her yoni is the gate leading to an energetic portal allowing her to literally manifest through ignition of her sexual energy.

Her womb is the place where the alchemical process takes place for creation, through moaning, the OM of creation through climax of the cosmic masculine and feminine force.

Unfortunately, when the yoni and the womb are not holy, it becomes the library of trauma and the holder of memories of pain.

Men and woman are spiritually + energetically built different. Whereas the man, chaser of desire, manifests through action-driven consciousness; The woman, receiver of desire, becomes magnetic to her desires as she releases archived trauma and ignites her sacred sensuality. Thus, the woman’s sexual energy gets depleted when she does not cater to her sacred femininity. Money and Romance become a challenge. Her life becomes dull, desire-chasing and unfulfilling.

Moaning to Manifest includes:

5 auto activations recorded like a guided meditation


Why this will CHANGE your life?

The daily rituals force you to look inwards and to develop an intuitive inner compass, guiding to only perform action when divinely guided and free of egoic pursuits.

As you connect to your spiritual essence, using means of sacred sensuality, the rituals are pleasurable and something you actually look forward to doing;

Each time you show up for yourself in such sacred sensual way, you ignite your magic feminine abilities, develop heightened intuition, feel transformation operating on the cellular level, in ways that will not only change the way you feel about yourself but also the way you seduce your way through life with a sense of blissful divine entitlement.

Loving yourself creates a mirror effect.

The Universe and all of the human interactions guided by the One consciousness

starts serving you .

Manifestation and the frustration linked to the constant pursuit of desire


only to provide you with a constant need to meeting yourself on a divine level.




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