Younique Potion


Younique is your one-of-a-kind potion created especially for you.

Potions are made using rare ingredients, resins, roots, essences and pheromones sourced from around the world.

Miss Pravala uses 3 main energetic elements:

  • Precious stones (Emerald or Ruby) AND meteorites (Moldovite or Gold of Libya) for their metaphysical energetic properties;
  • Oud (or Oudh) resin as energy magnifier; and
  • 18K gold powder as energy conductor.


Those 3 elements are energetically very powerful and create a radiance and magnetism on the person who wears them.

Regular potions created by Miss Pravala for her customers are infused with precious stones and meteorites.

Younique potions created by Miss Pravala for her privileged customers contain the actual precious stone (Emerald or Ruby) inside the bottle.

Please note that if you would like to order a Younique potion with a higher grade form of emerald or ruby, or even more exceptional or more rare precious stones, such as diamond, email us contact@misspravala.com so we will send you a quote.

Making your potion will start once payment is received in full via the payment link we will create for you.


When you purchase:

  • Miss Pravala’s team contacts you to book a one-time call with Miss Pravala.

The purpose of the call is for Miss Pravala to get to know you so she creates the potion, which is the best match to your current highest feminine energy.


  • You also receive a special Whatsapp number to reach Miss Pravala’s assistant directly via messages.


If Miss Pravala ever needs information from you, she will mandate her assistant to send you messages via the WhatsApp number.


If you do not use WhatsApp, you can simply communicate with Miss Pravala and her team via email: contact@misspravala.com

Please note that we do NOT receive direct phone calls via this number!

As Miss Pravala receives many direct messages on Instagram, we do not recommend that you use Instagram to reach Miss Pravala as your message will not be treated as priority.


  • Creation of the potion takes 2-3 weeks as Miss Pravala works based on the moon cycle.


The potion is handmade by Miss Pravala, from the conception of the formulation (“blend recipe”) to dressing/designing the potion bottle with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, gemstones and meteorites.


  • Shipping takes approximately 5 business days with DHL International.